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Designers Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Veenenbos form the creative duo behind Studio Snowpuppe, a boutique design studio from The Hague in Holland. Studio Snowpuppe strives to create happy products that are durable and sustainable, yet functional and timeless.

The products they create are beautifully designed, origami-style lampshades, all made by hand from high-quality FSC certified Butterfly paper. Each lampshade is folded from one sheet of flat paper, and filters the bright and cold light of a LED or CFL bulb and turns it into a warm and cozy glow for your interior space.

The aesthetic beauty of the geometrical shapes make these lamps an attractive design object for any room, including the ones for your children. The available styles are Chestnut, Moth, and Moth XL and are only suited for use with a LED or energy saving CFL bulb (not included). Available in various colors.


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