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Lucis 2.0 Bamboo

The Lucis 2.0 Bamboo lamp is the world's most powerful portable mood light. The features that this lamp holds are like no other on the market. This modern lamp, a Dutch design by Amsterdam based Innovative Brands, holds 25 full color RBG LEDS, which can produce a range of 16 million different colors. The sensor active dimmer enables you to set the tone for any mood you want, as bright as up to 450 lumens strong. No bottons or apps, just use the 4 touch sensors to change color and brightness. And use the unique shake sensor to turn the light ON/OFF. The lamp is equipped with a USB port for an easy charge up. The powerful built-in battery provides continuous lighting for up to 100 hours, which is more than any of its competitors on the market.

The sleek design and compact size make the Lucis Bamboo a stylish and comfortable travel companion to just about anywhere where a wireless light is needed. This portable light is splash-free and easy to clean. You can use the magnetic "play" coin to preserve battery power and the travel pouch to prevent scratching. The upper house is made of durable, high quality polished plexiglass. The detachable wood handle is made of high-grade Moso Bamboo, a high-quality and sustainable material.


Lucis 2.0 Bamboo

Portable, rechargeable, LED lamp for indoor and outdoor use.

Wireless, Dimmable, Splash proof, 16 million colors, 100 hours of continuous lighting, Touch and shake sensors.

25 full color RBG LEDS, 450 lumens (40 Watt), 13600 mAh battery, 5V/3A adapter with US plug

High quality plexiglass and solid Bamboo wood


L 4.3" x W 4.3" x H 4.3"

Designed in Holland by Innovative Brands BV

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